Handwriting Practice Cards

For some children, handwriting can be a very daunting task. Finding ways to make it both functional AND fun is very important. This hand-made set of letter and number cards is a simple and versatile way for kids to practice formation beyond the basic, mundane pencil-paper routine.

Simply take a set of blank 3 x 5" index cards and use a variety of fun colors to write the letters and numbers. Be sure to place your practice line properly for lower case letters - it's very important for kids that need practice to be able to properly visualize correct letter formation in relation to the base line! Laminate the cards using a laminating machine or even contact paper. Grab a dry-erase marker and you're good to go! You can punch a hole in the top corner of each card and store on a loose leaf ring to keep them all together.

As you can see in the picture, providing a box will help kids who may write too large or small by giving them boundaries when writing. The line to the right simulates how it will appear on paper, and also gives them a chance to further test visual perceptual skills by removing the boundary.

Many times I'll have my students trace the letter with the index finger on their dominant hand a few times (3-5) before writing the letter. This offers additional kinesthetic practice and tactile input, which can enhance their understanding of how the letter is created in space. You can also use Wikki Stix/Bendaroos to have the child form the letter on top of the card as well.

Other ideas for these cards include:
  • Place the cards around a table or even the room; have the child locate in alphabetical or numerical order to write on each card
  • Have the child elect letters in one of their sight words or spelling list words before writing on the cards
  • Use your finger to write the letter/number on the child's back; have them guess which letter/number then find that card to write it out
There are limitless options to use the cards in fun ways to help your child with letter and number formation that go far beyond rote practice! Use your imagination and see what fun ideas you can come up with!

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