Wrapping Paper Coloring Activity

While Christmas shopping last weekend I came across this fantastic wrapping paper, which was on sale at JoAnn Fabrics for 60% off - original price $3.99! A great bargain AND a really fun activity for home or school!

There are so many benefits to having kids write or color on vertical surfaces. It not only helps with muscle strength in their arms, but also puts their hand in the correct position for writing and coloring, such as:

WRIST EXTENSION - wrist slightly pulled back (away from palm)

TRIPOD GRASP - thumb, index and middle finger forming a "tripod"; this is the most functional way to hold (grasp) a writing utensil!

As you can see, I also have my bucket of Magic Crayons for the kids to use. They're simply broken into smaller pieces - halves or thirds - which also helps facilitate a tripod grasp. Easy trick, but be aware that some kids may get tired very easily, especially when working vertically!

This is a great activity for anytime, but especially during the holidays when kids are buzzing with excitement. Keep your eyes peeled for coloring paper next time you go to JoAnn Fabrics, or any store that sells wrapping paper. And if you can't find this paper, you could always use a roll of plain easel paper or even just tape coloring pages onto the wall for a fun activity at home or a holiday party. Just be sure to supervise the kids when coloring...if they're anything like my own, you'll have artwork on the paper AND THE WALLS! 

Happy coloring and happy holidays!

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  1. Love the idea of having a vertical coloring center. I never knew about the importance of the wrist extension either- I will now be trying to find ways of incorporating this into my toddler's activities! Thanks :)